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Bitcoin digital currency is considered one of the most discussion threads these days , some loved the idea and others mocked them. But where lies the real value of this technology as a way of virtual currency to pay for goods ? Business Insider site mentions that this technology could revolutionize the industry of payments approved by the banks to their customers credit .

Auto Bitcoin Cash offers for traders and individuals payments system is very low and direct , as it can be easily converted around the world without the transfer of sensitive information could be used to defraud and without forcing merchants to pay exorbitant fees in transactions carried out via the payment method Bitcoin .

Auto Bitcoin Cash Advantages

But with their appearance , the Bitcoinbrings with it many advantages , it also faces several obstacles , and prepared the company « Auto Bitcoin Cash » report explains the modus operandi of Bitcoin at all stages of paid from the sender to the recipient , also sheds light on the comparison Bitcoin systems Payment Other challenges facing this currency .

The increased popularity Petkoan last November after rising demand in China , as it was rich material for trading on the American Council Cakh about the mechanism of action and monitor the currency is being centralized .

The governor « Central » Former U.S. Ben Bernanke for Bitcoin not supported by much : You may achieve this type of currency great returns over the long term .

Although Bitcoin did not favor this type of currency it expects a bright future for virtual money .

Bitcoin Specifications

- Ranged unit value Alpetkoan between A and 1030 dollars .

- Can configure that have great potential to become a global payments network .

- Other than the government-backed currencies , the design Bitcoin puts strict limits on the number of pieces that can be created and an estimated 21 million pieces , but it can be divided into each piece to 100 million pieces , allowing for the expansion of the scope of this currency payments . – The average daily movement of Bitcoin 89 million compared to $ 16.5 billion dollars for Visa cards and 9.8 billion dollars for MasterCard .

In short , Bitcoin allow the transfer of money and buy goods online is simple , safe and without intermediaries.

Bitcoin Difficulties

But facing these difficulties default currency is the price volatility and inflation and the length of time it takes to scan a network Bitcoin transactions, merchants accept immediate operations and avoid the risk of currency exchange . Bitcoin also faces a major threat is the risk for fraud , also lacks organization .

However, the efficiency Bitcoin high because of the low cost of operations resulting therefrom (as compared with credit cards and traditional methods of money transfer and checks ) will prove in the end to dealers and individuals strength and resistance to the mechanisms of the current fiscal .

Auto Bitcoin Cash Robot

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Know any money as an acceptable means of exchange . Therefore, the form of money , or substance of which they are made do not mean much as long as something is gain acceptance as a means of sharing her community .

Auto Bitcoin Cash

Auto Bitcoin Cash

If we go back to the old time , the salt and some sort of shells and some types of tobacco , were used as money , and gain acceptance of the community in which it is trading ( Salary word salary is derived from the word salt Salt). Then came the base metals , ie, gold, silver , and currencies trading , which became obtained the great acceptance in many societies . Then minted banknotes denominated in gold and replaced the gold and silver in circulation remained called cash money, because they can be converted into gold at any time.
But after U.S. President Nixon halted work agreement « Bretton Woods » in 1971 , unscrew the link between money and gold coins and ended the period covered by the precious metal , and money has become like any other commodity is gaining value from the supply and demand factors .
Despite the fact that what is used today in the currencies of the so-called money as liquidity full , but some books describe the money today as quasi- money Fiat Money , not money real , as evidenced lost its value if it went to another state , it will become just like any white paper in your pocket is not telling you something .
Quasi money and gaining acceptance through the imposition of the system or the government as a means of exchange have nothing else. Any that have no value in itself and not covered by any metal of value as it was the money before 1971.
Because the money is also mentioned by any means acceptable to the exchange has announced BOE shift from paper money to plastic money by 2016.
Certainly, failure to cover the money in any metal , and as the previous definition that they have no way acceptable to the exchange , opening the door to attempts by some hobbyists to create money electronic outside the control of banks and banking systems in the world , and perhaps the currency bitcoin, are the months in this area .
And Bitcoin are electronic currency does not have a physical presence in reality , but are used as units of accounting through computers only . Although it is still vague and difficult to understand and rely on complex algorithms issued , but they gained fame and recognition substantially. Auto Bitcoin Cash Software become an acceptable tool for buying and selling , as can be converted and exchanged into real currencies as dollar , euro, pound sterling and others. This currency – that is permissible as well call it – was launched in 2008 , but they did not achieve good values ​​, but soon .
For example, the value was not equal to 5 U.S. cents at the end of 2009, but today it acted in exchange for up to $ 600. Despite the fame achieved by the countries of the world , however, is still divided around. China denied the use , as recognized by Germany , and practiced trade, buying and selling in America Balbtkoan publicly despite the lack of recognition of America officially as a currency , although the authorities there issued a circulation to sites that deal Balbtkoan ascertain the identities of the traders .
Generally, the use of money or coin does not exist in practice is not new , The rights of SDRs , known as SDR used in the International Monetary Fund since the seventies of the last century , but they are not traded between the public like Bitcoin , but used for a special purpose inside the box only .
Bitcoin scalability and high value in the market have made attempts to find a cash advance for a letter in front of more . At the beginning of this month announced a U.S. person named Douglas Jackson returned to view his attempt to create a coin of gold -mail E-gold is traded electronically without Bitcoin like to have a physical presence significantly .
Jackson began his attempt six years ago by issuing electronic currency backed with gold, but his attempt failed after being raided by the U.S. authorities closed his accusing him of money laundering , but what lured back now is a good turnout witnessed Bitcoin currency .
Finally , still too early to celebrate the end of the era of paper money that we know today , but with the opening of the door to buy tickets to the games , and the entry of cinemas , airline tickets , and the payment of university fees by using Auto Bitcoin Cash and other currencies computing , and near the back of trading in gold -mail through computers and the Internet sites , it is certain that a major change in the look heralds the horizon. Despite the suspicion and skepticism by some others in the success of the transition to computer currencies , but the natural evolution of the currencies of salt to gold and then to exchange paper makes the transition to the e- cash is applicable. Auto Bitcoin Cash will not be an obstacle in front of the huge development , which contributed to its smart computers in various spheres of life , but tomorrow to sight a close .

Auto Bitcoin Cash

Auto Bitcoin Cash Review

Auto Bitcoin Cash Review Does Auto Bitcoin Cash Robot Work? Is Auto Bitcoin Cash Software Can Help Really To Make Money With Bitcoin? Auto Bitcoin Cash Review

The idea started scientific research in 2008 , and then began to come into circulation in 2009 , and the currency is not centralized as they do not follow the central body or a governmental or regulatory body which is based on the handle peer-to -peer without the intervention of third parties such as banks and so on, have been started at a price of not more than a few dollars , has amounted to more than a thousand dollars, according to the Auto Bitcoin Cash Site.
This currency is not currently enjoys wide international recognition , except in some of the goods , and the German government recognized it as a kind of electronic money , in addition to the Canadian city of Vancouver has a first ATM machine for these electronic currency .
Indeed, the evolution of money in human history has witnessed significant shifts after that was exchanger commodity , adopted the rights for the precious metal such as gold and silver in the issuance of currency and then exchanges of Finance, and then evolved these exchanges to come to the paper money that we carry today , and witness this paper cash sophisticated to be used in ways that shift to plastic money , has become a widely soon to digital money , as is happening in many of the exchanges made ​​through the Internet. But this experiment , if successful, widely any Auto Bitcoin Cash it will change the nature of the banking system in the world, Monetary policy that control in the presence of cash and size imposed by the banks will not be present in the world of Auto Bitcoin Cash , and the commodity exchanges and the entry of banks party beneficiaries in such these transactions will not be a reality, adding that many of the companies will find themselves having to hedging of currency fluctuations in the future if the whole world uses the same coin.
From the perspective of Islamic economics , it unfortunately remains of Islamic economics as it stands is unable to participate in the development of solutions and options , as well as the development of global economic activity in the light of that he had to deal with what is , and its role only correct part of what can be corrected , and acceptance compelled global variables in the economy that do not care about the often the existence of controls moral , as well as its commitment to the standards of legitimacy, and the reality of paper cash witness problematic substantially reflected the views of scholars in the characterization , Currencies measured by the gold and silver in the provisions of jurisprudence and the prevailing opinion of scholars , unfortunately, that many of the countries in the world today exercised through which a set of actions that serve its interests without any regard for the interests of other countries , such as printing money , which results in inflation , where the benefit of these countries of this amount is covered by the purchase of commodities under the purchase value decreases with savers , and this is what reinforced the high prices to the detriment of much of the developing countries , and therefore the solution is in the eyes of some economists Muslims is a return to the use of the precious metal gold and silver , but in light of the lack of universally used on a large scale , and the scarcity of this article, which can be re- used as currency in cash as generates new economic problems , especially after the use of metal in some industries , and the keenness of some governments to be stored instead of trading .
To sum up that the world today is witnessing an evolution in ways exchanges occur a global revolution in the tread , and Auto Bitcoin Cash may be an experience , if successful, will not find many people need to have a bank as a mediator in many of the transactions and exchanges , and promote the concept that the world has become a small village .
Note : I do not understand from the article that it is an invitation to deal or invest in Auto Bitcoin Cash , as it has not received after accepting a real significant globally , and entered into may be very risky and may be a cause of serious losses for some , in addition to that it can be exposed to the risks of electronic like other sites that may lead to the manipulation .